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1 April 2014 @ 9:11 AM

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[TRANS] SJM received first place in China with Swing!!!!!!! 

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in which kyuhyun’s arms become an extension of zhou mi’s

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[TRANS] SWING got no.1 on Global Chinese Music chart! Thank you Global Chinese Music! Thank you for all your support! Will work hard for tomorrow’s performance stage in Korea too! Today I enjoyed singing live! You all are the best!

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Cr: M3H-OPTY | Do not modify the pictures in any way

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All 17 fics written for the QMi Fanfiction Exchange are now live! You can read them at the link above. (One fic is set for registered users only, so you’ll have to log into AO3 to see it.) Authors will be revealed on April 4.

If you’d like to try and guess which author wrote what, you can play at our guessing post.

Enjoy the bounty of new QMi fic, and please leave kudos and comments if you can!

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Cr: Secret

Cr: Secret

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The Star Magazine behind the scenes | Cr: FYEAHQMI @ tumblr

The Star Magazine behind the scenes | Cr: FYEAHQMI @ tumblr

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周觅_SJM:  [kiss] Me and Gui (*Turtle in mandarin = gui) the Star pictorial.

translation cr: @sunshinezhoumi
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